Medicinal Herbs

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More and more people are taking a look at herbs and herbal remedies for their common ailments. As a part of a healthier lifestyle, herbal remedies are found in household medicine cabinets just as much as aspirin and cough medicine. Keep reading to find out about the kinds of herbs are used for medicinal purposes. Continue reading

Herbal remedies make use of nature’s bounty to either prevent disease and ailment or to help cure them. Here are some common herbal remedies and what they are good for.

Herb Use

Most herbs are sold today as herbal supplements. Their history is rooted in ancient medical practices. Before there were pills, powders, syrups and injections, there were poultices, pastes, salves, oils and potions supplied to those who needed them.

Even in the age of modern medicine, over three quarters of the world’s population use herbal remedies in one form or another. Because many herbs produce effects similar to prescription drugs, it is recommended that any herbal remedies used or supplements taken be revealed to your physician to avoid interactions. Continue reading

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