Echinacea is a decorative perennial herb that is commonly used in flower gardens and borders. At the flower heads grow tall above the plant itself, you can plant it behind lower growing herbs and flowers. The common color varieties are purple, and more rarely seen are white, pink, peach, yellow, and orange. For medicinal purposes, you want to plant Echinacea purpurea (seen in image) or Echinacea angustifolia.

Echinacea is often seen in herbal teas, energy supplements, or as a standalone supplement. You may know that it is heavily used and most commonly available during the cold and flu season because it strengthens the immune system. What you may not know is why and what benefit it would have to you as a medicinal treatment and in your daily supplement routine. Here are a few of those benefits and what you should consider about this supplement for your new healthy lifestyle routine.

Pain Reduction

One of the leading reasons people take Echinacea is for pain management. This can be an especially meaningful benefit if you suffer from chronic pain caused by inflammation and other related issues. Specifically, Echinacea focuses on the pain caused in the digestive system like the intestines and bowels. It can help reduce inflammation in these areas caused by upset stomach and IBS symptoms. Echinacea can also help with mild headaches or tooth pain caused by inflammation as well.

Laxative Support

If you are having severe bowel issues due to IBS with constipation or from pregnancy related issues, then you may want to consider Echinacea as a natural laxative option. You can take this in liquid with water or as a capsule option. The supplement can help reduce the inflammation in your bowels and help soften and move your intestines easily without cramping. Though this will not necessarily help with severe symptoms, it can help with mild issues where an over the counter chemical is not the ideal option for your needs.

Mental Health Issues

Sometimes you may find yourself dealing with minor depression, anxiety, or memory loss. These issues can be scary, but you may not want to resort to a chemical option for something you know is temporary or mild. If you are looking for a natural supplement that can get you through these tough times, consider taking the Echinacea supplement. A stronger dosage of Echinacea can assist with these issues without side effects caused by more harsh chemical options.

One of the most common forms of Echinacea is in tea. If you are having an issue with the tea form being too bitter or harsh, consider adding milk or taking the capsules instead. Remember that when you are looking for Echinacea to add to your regular diet, you want to try and find the organic form of it. This will taste better and be a lot healthier for you.