Lavender is one of the more commonly referred to herbs when you hear about essential oils and sleep. In fact, there is a huge misconception that lavender is only good for sleep and calming. The truth is, there are several healing benefits of lavender that most people may not even know about. Here are a few of those healing benefits, what to know about attaining these benefits, and tips that you may need to know.

Minor Burns

Lavender can be infused in an oil and used on minor burns to help ease the pain, inflammation, and the burn itself. This is one of the leading benefits outside of the normal calming benefits the herb is known for. Making the ointment is fairly simple. You should use an oil that can harden or be whipped into a lotion, such as coconut oil. Add Vitamin E or sweet almond oil to help give it more skin restorative properties and help sooth the skin around the burned area. You can pre-make the ointment or lotion and store in an airtight jar.

Bug Bites

Bug bites usually mean reaching for a form of itch relief cream. The same lavender ointment or lotion that you use for burns can be used on bug bites as well. The added bonus to the anti-inflammatory properties of the lavender is that it also works as an antiseptic. It can help clean the area, draw out any infection or poisons from the bug bite, and soothe the area all in one easy to apply ointment. If you have a pure lavender essential oil, you can also apply it directly if you are out and about and the oil is easier to take with you.

Skin Irritations

Skin irritations caused by sunburn, dry skin issues, or rashes can be soothed by lavender as well. The healing benefits help calm the rashes or dryness causing the irritation and help keep it from spreading. They also help soothe the area so the skin can restore itself. In addition to these benefits, the lavender can also help keep the skin hydrated and smooth during the healing process.

If you decide to buy lavender from a local store, make sure you are buying pure lavender. In some cases, you may be purchasing a dried form of lavender that has been enhanced in some way to add to the scent. These extra perfumes and sprays can detract from the healing properties of lavender and may actually cause allergic reactions. To ensure you are getting a pure lavender experience look for organic or grow it yourself.