Rosemary is a highly flavorful and fragrant herb. It is an excellent choice when you want to grow herbs indoors, since it thrives with at least partial sun, which you should be able to get through your kitchen window.

Here’s some tips on how to grow rosemary indoors:

Make Sure it Has Good Sunlight

It is very important that the rosemary plant has good sunlight when growing indoors. Some indoor herbs do okay with only half sunshine, but you need as much direct sunlight as possible. This means keeping your rosemary plant in a window in your kitchen without an awning providing too much shade. You might also want to keep it on the patio for some of the day, then move it into the kitchen for the rest of the day. You can also start the plant outside until it starts to take root, then bring it inside to keep taking care of it.

Know the Right Amount of Watering

Watering a rosemary plant is important, both with not watering it too much or too little. You want the container to have good drainage, either with drainage holes or by using rocks or gravel for drainage underneath the potting mix. To avoid adding too much water, touch the soil regularly and when it feels dry, add a little bit of water. However, don’t drown the rosemary or it isn’t going to flourish.

Transplanting Rosemary

Another thing you need to be careful with is planting rosemary from the seeds. If you would rather not start your indoor rosemary herbs from seeds, you can find young plants in small containers that you can transplant into your indoor herb garden area. Just make a hole large enough for the original container to fit into, and then carefully dislodged the plant’s root – potting soil and all – and place it into the hole in your indoor pot.

Remember that you can start growing it outdoors until it begins to grow, then move it indoors. If you have good sunshine and take good care of the plant, you should do fine growing it indoors.