Growing herbs is a great way to always have them on hand, which then encourages you to use them more often. When you have fresh herbs at all times, it also helps you to want to cook from home more often, which is healthier and even helps your family lose weight.

One great thing you can do is grow herbs indoors. This keeps them close to you and prevents you from needing an elaborate herb garden. It is a good option if you live in apartment or condo, or a house with very little backyard space. Here are some different DIY indoor herb garden ideas to try out.

Create a One-Pot Herb Garden

One idea for growing herbs inside your home is to use just one large pot instead of multiple little pots. This provides a more unique growing opportunity, while also taking up less space in your kitchen. You might have a small kitchen window where there is really only space for a single large pot.

Use this to your advantage by having just a small amount of several different herbs in the soil of the pot, spacing them out as much as you can. Herbs are typically small and each requires the same type of soil and watering schedule, so the majority of herbs can be grown together like this in the same container.

Hang Herb Pots Above the Kitchen Sink

Another option for a DIY indoor herb project is to hang the pots of herbs in front of the window, instead of trying to set them on the counter or windowsill. This is a good option when you have good light coming through the window, but not really any space to put the pots.

You might have a kitchen window with just a slim windowsill, but not a roomy ledge. In this case, you can instead hang the pots of growing herbs from the ceiling in your kitchen to where they reach down to the window and get direct sunlight.

Make a Small Terrarium of Herb Plants

Terrariums are a lot of fun to put together as they include various greenery and often have small objects, such as plastic dinosaurs or fairies. It is a fun, family-friendly activity that can also be used to create your indoor herb garden.

When choosing the plants for the terrarium, go with some herbs instead of traditional plants. Use rosemary, oregano, basil, and mint for added scent, beautiful color, and fresh herbs that are always available to you.

Put Herbs in Mason Jars

If you do want to use individual containers, why not use mason jars? They are inexpensive, last a long time, and since you can see through them, you are able to track the growth. You can choose any size jar you like, but go for one of the wide-mouth jars. Place each herb into each mason jar, then set it in front of a window inside your home that gets the best light.