Medicinal Herbs

The issues of antibiotics and antibiotic-resistant bacteria have gotten a lot of attention lately. The concern is that bacteria, having been exposed to antibiotics for so long, have developed a resistance to the antibiotics, creating “superbugs.” The grim reality is that bacterial infections that used to succumb easily to antibiotics have turned more serious, even deadly. Continue reading

Herbal treatments are botanical or plants that are used for medicinal or therapeutic reasons. They are used in place of the high cost and terrible tasting medicines for most people. Herbs are another part of the botanical and are used to make many different products. They are used to help improve or keep you in good health.

There are many herbal products, botanical products and other forms to help keep people feeling good about their health and their body. There are many people that put their faith in these herbs and use them on a daily basis to keep them feeling good.

Herbs are very popular with all different kinds of people. They are seeing how they can affect their body and keep them feeling good without having to take the nasty medicines and other things that can sometimes make people feel worse about how they are health wise. Continue reading

Lavender is one of the more commonly referred to herbs when you hear about essential oils and sleep. In fact, there is a huge misconception that lavender is only good for sleep and calming. The truth is, there are several healing benefits of lavender that most people may not even know about. Here are a few of those healing benefits, what to know about attaining these benefits, and tips that you may need to know. Continue reading