Any type of plant when it comes from the original source is going to be healthy for you, but most people don’t think of herbs. Herbs are more than a garnish. They not only give you great flavor with your recipes, but they have added health benefits as well. Plus you can use them in multiple ways to get these benefits – the aroma, as a salve and cooked.

When you’re using fresh herbs they need to be stored correctly in order to use them to their full advantage. One way is to keep live herbs in your house. How do you do that? It is easy when you grow them.

You can grow several different types of herbs in your house and it doesn’t take up much room to do it. They grow easily in containers. You’ll need area by a window for them to get sunlight and a container for them to live in that has proper drainage.

There are ways to still grow herbs if you don’t have enough light. You can get a HID grow light which will supplement for the light they need.

Another tip is to not treat herbs like house plants. Usually with plants you can water them once or twice a week. Herbs required a little bit of water each day. But be careful not to over water because the roots will rot.

Indoor herbs can germinate in 7 to 10 days and can start to grow in 3 to 4 weeks with the proper care. When first starting out the best way is to get seedlings instead of seeds.

Basil is the easiest herbs for your kitchen garden, but there are several others you can grow as well. These include chives, cilantro, thyme, sage, tarragon, lavender, oregano, parsley, peppermint and rosemary.

Why should you grow your own herbs in your house? You’ll always have fresh herbs, but it is also easy access. You won’t have to run outside in your garden in order to snip a few leaves of basic or parsley. You walk over to your herb plant and get what you need.

You can have fresh herbs year round. If you like cooking with them this is a good way to do it inexpensively. Going to the grocery store and finding certain fresh herbs can be expensive or they aren’t there. A lot of times you’ll have to look in the organic section and pay three or four bucks for a small container with only a few leaves in it.

The best part of growing your own kitchen garden is no weeds. Since the containers don’t have room and you’ll be using potting soil you won’t have to worry about weeds popping up and having to pull them.

Growing your own herbs will save you money and provide fresh flavor all year round. Plus starting is easy to do.