You may already be growing this herb and not realize it. If the weather is warm where you’re at, there’s a good chance that this medicinal herb – which is more often than not considered a pesky weed – is now growing in your very own yard or somewhere close by.

Dandelion root is something you may see in health food stores as an additive to salads and some juicing or smoothie recipes. The truth is dandelion root can be used in a number of ways including as a supplement in your daily diet routine. In fact, it can cover several issues that you are having and take the place of several supplements you may already be using. Here are just a few of the benefits of the dandelion root and how it can help you.

Bile Production

Bile production may not sound like a benefit, but the truth is it can be for certain issues and illnesses. Dandelion root and the increased bile production it causes can boost your immune system by killing and removing toxins from your system. This can also help with individuals who have indigestion, heartburn, or ulcers from a lack of bile production in their systems. Though this is a benefit of using the dandelion root, you would still have to maintain the right diet to help keeping your bile levels and production at an optimum level.

Liver Assistance

One of the processes your liver handles is the removal and reduction of free radicals in your system. Dandelion root supplements work to assist the liver with this task. It can also help with acetaminophen toxicity levels. This may not sound like a benefit for your system, but consider the amount of acetaminophen you may take during cold and flu season or in allergy medicines during allergy season. The increased levels entering your body can trigger toxicity levels and cause issues in your liver. During these times of the year, consider adding dandelion root to your supplements, or simply taking the supplement when you take the acetaminophen.

Heart Related Issues

If you are concerned about cholesterol, high blood pressure, or related heart issues then dandelion root may be able to help. Studies have shown that the root and its leaves can help work as a diuretic to help with high blood pressure by increasing urination and decreasing water retention in the body. The root can also help control the levels of cholesterol in your system that may lead to heart disease. This is done by raising the body’s HDL. Regulating blood pressure is another benefit to your heart related issues that studies have shown dandelion root to aid in.

These are only three of the benefits to using dandelion root as a supplement in your diet. Remember, you can use the root, the leaves, or a mixture of both in a powder form. Liquid forms of the root supplement are also available from most organic and health food stores.