Medicinal Herbs

Herbs are used in different capacities in the medical field. Besides being the precursors to some of modern medicine, they are used now by millions of people who are looking for more natural relief of their ailments. We are going to discuss a few homeopathic herbs and how they are being used.

What is Homeopathy?

Have you ever heard of homeopathic medicine? If not, here is a basic breakdown of what it is. It is based on the body learning to heal itself – “like treating like.” When an invading germ or bacteria enters the body, its defenses create antibodies to fight it. Now that invader is recognized if it ever appears again. Continue reading

Rosemary offers many benefits to you and it ranges from healing skin conditions to improving mental clarity. Not only does it have vitamin C to help with the collagen in your body, but potassium that helps control blood pressure and heart rate. Continue reading

Have you ever brushed against a rosemary plant or rubbed some leaves between your fingers to release the pungent and relaxing aroma? Rosemary is just one of the herbs you can easily grow in your garden or in containers to add to recipes or add sprigs to bouquets of flowers for an aromatic mood-lifter.

Herbs have been used since ancient times for medicinal purposes – especially for the treatment of depression and anxiety. Kava Kava, an herb grown mainly in the Pacific islands can be effective at relieving depression and menopausal symptoms.

The lavender herb is often called “the workhorse of herbs” and is highly effective in lifting moods, reducing anxiety and irritability and helping bouts of insomnia. Lavender keeps on working to act as an anti-bacterial to balance hormones and balance your immune system. Continue reading