Headaches are something that everyone suffers from at one time or another. Some people have minor headaches on occasion while others have migraines and severe tension headaches that are affected by stress.

What may bother you is that most medications over the counter are full of chemicals and you may not want to go with a higher dosed prescription option.

If this sounds like you, and you are looking for a natural headache option, consider the following herbs that help with headaches.


Honeysuckle is a hard to come by herbal plant that only grows during certain seasons. The truth is, it is a heavy duty combatant if you have migraines, and some people consider it a must have. You can harvest honeysuckle when it is growing and dehydrate the flowers. The flowers can then be stored and added to hot water.

Drink the tea and retreat to a dark cool room. You will find your headache easing off within the hour. If you need a stronger dose, you can fill vegetarian capsules with the dehydrated flower and take with water.

White Willow Bark

White willow bark is an herb that helps with headaches, tension, inflammation, and overall pain. It can be found in capsule form or powder form in most organic or health food stores. Due to the bitter taste of the herb, most people take it in pill or capsule form.

You can also mix the powder with other inflammation fighting herbs or with other herbs for an overall headache and pain reliever, especially during allergy season and cold and flu season.


Feverfew sounds more like a fever fighter than a headache related herb. This herb is a little harder to find than the other two. Feverfew helps with blood flow.

In fact, when you have a headache one of the main problems is the lack of blood flow or restricted blood flow causing inflammation. Feverfew helps reduce the inflammation and open up the blood vessels for better blood flow which helps relieve the pain and release the headache.

If you want to keep these herbs on hand throughout the year, remember that dehydrating the herb is possibly your best bet at this. You will need to either buy the herb already in powder or dehydrated form and create your own capsules with empty vegan capsules from a health food store, or you will want to keep them in powder form stores in a cool dark place for later use.